imageI’ve been telling stories all my life, much to the exasperation of the adults that I’d trail as a little girl recounting synopses of books and TV shows. I discovered the art of narration and plot points when I was 10 and penciled my first novel. The Cheerer-Uppers of Ward #2 – doctor shows were big at the time – was a huge hit with six of my classmates.

My later work garnered a larger audience. More recently, I have written for and edited Hosiery News and The University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s and Winthrop University’s magazines. Additionally, my articles have appeared in US Airways Magazine, Today’s Charlotte Woman and Aerospace Manufacturing Magazine, among others.

Although a love of literature took me to Duke University, from which I received my B.A., it was while earning my master’s at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro that I found my literary voice. Classes for the post-baccalaureate certification in global studies crystalized the connectivity between times, disciplines and cultures. Often, preventable crises occur when contrasting, yet complimentary threads become tangled. In much of my fiction, I strive to spark conversations that, perhaps, will increase understanding and keep these threads from becoming knotted or broken.

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