First draft

woman typingAn American Terrorist is finished, at the least the first draft is. But let me back up a bit.

Carolinas WordFest was a huge success. Participating authors and festival goers alike raved about the quality of the programming that featured poets, novelists, lyricists, YA writers, comics and other writers who took over uptown Charlotte last October. In fact, the WordFest planning committee and Charlotte Writers’ Club were so enthusiastic, they greenlighted a 2017 event.

But there’s a teensy problem. Although coordinating the festival was tremendously fulfilling, it was all-consuming. So, until more volunteers stop up, Carolinas WordFest 2.0 will have to wait. I’ve returned to writing — and it feels great!

Actually, returned is something of an understatement. Since WordFest ended, the computer has become an extension of my fingers. After more than a year when I was totally focused on the festival, all those pent-up words started flowing.

So I wrote: Fr. Francis had a career crisis and Paul remained a cipher.

And wrote: Amy appreciated her husband and Todd got sketchier.

And wrote: The mysterious PJ was revealed and Janelle gained greater self-awareness.

I wrote for eight, nine hours a day, removed from distractions during a writers residency at the Weymouth Center for the Arts. When I emerged bleary eyed and triumphant, I left with the completed first draft of An American Terrorist.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been editing, revising and rewriting. now the draft has been entrusted to fellow writers to critique. After compiling their comments and suggestions, I’ll head back to Weymouth for the second week of my two-week residency and write some more. When I leave, the second draft of An American Terrorist will be complete. Not that any work is ever complete.

Then I’ll begin the hardest part: finding an agent. Wish me luck!

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3 Responses to First draft

  1. Mary Megan Howard says:

    Good Luck!!!

  2. gildasyverson says:

    A second Good Luck to you!!!

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