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First draft

I wrote for eight, nine hours a day, removed from distractions during a writers residency at the Weymouth Center for the Arts. When I emerged bleary eyed and triumphant, I left with the completed first draft of An American Terrorist. Continue reading

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Let’s put on a show!

I haven’t written a word in 10 months, but it hasn’t been writer’s block. Rather, I have poured myself into Carolinas WordFest. A baby takes less time to gestate. The celebration of North and South Carolina writers has grown from … Continue reading

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Why I am not writing

An unseen hand dials back the blue, turning up the fuchsia and coral. Greens fade to black, impressionist trees against dusk sky. The bay basks in reflected glory. Like a besotted teen, I cannot turn away. At four, 14 and … Continue reading

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There’s a lot of building going on in my neighborhood. Just yesterday, I saw a male trying to get construction materials into one of the new homes he was putting together for his mate. He was having a few problems … Continue reading

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Did you hear…?

“People don’t live in a vacuum. What are your characters talking about when the reporter isn’t around?” That was my “duh” moment from last week’s critique group. I should have remembered that St. Mary Mead provides endless resources for Miss … Continue reading

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It’s not about us

The neat square of sunlight in their front yard was all the sisters needed to enjoy the false spring day. The younger girl sprawled on a blue beach towel, her head bent over the pages of her chapter book, a … Continue reading

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Hail, queen of psychological thrillers

To say that Ruth Rendell writes thrillers is to say that Alfred Hitchcock directed scary movies. It is the most under of understatements. Like Hitchcock, Ruth Rendell gets inside the skins of her disturbed characters. We, the readers, learn to … Continue reading

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