Creative critical thinkers

Business thinksOne of the best things about my job is the opportunity to talk to educators, manufacturers, executives and others about what makes the Charlotte region’s economy a strong one. Over the next three weeks or so, I’ll be traveling throughout the region interviewing people in a wide variety of professions about how Siemens Energy and the Apprenticeship 2000 program have significantly impacted the economy. Of course, it’s interesting enough to learn about the many ways that the 2013 Jerry Award recipients have made and continue to make a difference, but it is particularly enjoyable to learn not just about the honorees but about those I interview and their organizations.

When the camera is off, I chat with them informally. Two things always strike me: the people I talk with care passionately about what they do and they are constantly thinking of ways to do it better. That’s the secret not only to our region’s but to America’s success. As I conduct the interviews and write the scripts to honor the 2013 winners, I also want the videos to recognize all those individuals that make Siemens and Apprenticeship 2000 the successes that they are: the people in the b-roll whose critical thinking and creative innovations help make the honorees competitive. I think we captured that a couple of years ago in a video I did in partnership with videographer and editor Jason Dumas with Time Warner Cable who seamlessly pulled it all together. You can see it here.

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