Opportunities lost

“I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to exist.”

Mark Twain

This was to have been the week that I began creating my characters. It didn’t happen. An intense work week left me too tired to think, let alone be creative, when I finally got home. And a crisis that is still unresolved consumed my thoughts over the weekend.

Both situations made me think. Not about my book or my characters or even the people I had talked with in doing my research. But about how we spend the time allotted to us. Although we know, often far too keenly, how quickly life can be snuffed out, with each additional responsibility our resolve to savor the days weakens. We make choices: finish up the project at work or have dinner with friends or family. Choices have consequences. Leave work, lose a promotion. Stay at work, lose those intimate connections only shared over meals.

We neglect to say, “I love you” to those we assume know that we do. We delay vacations until we have more money or put off date night until we have more time.

Opportunities to live and opportunities lost.

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