Oldies but goodies

CSIIn looking for something else, I came across some articles that I’d written when I was editing UNC Charlotte’s magazine. It’s always a little strange to read something that I wrote a while back. The editor in me wants to re-write it, whereas my reader self is curious about how the article will end.

Here are three articles that I enjoyed re-reading. I wrote “Uncovering the truth about crime scene investigation” at the height of “CSI’s” popularity because I was curious about how realistic the show was. In “City Detroyer ready to roll,” I found it sadly ironic that mankind has used weapons of mass destruction throughout the ages. And “Dark at the end of the tunnel” addresses the all-too-common incidences of teen suicides. Be sure to scroll across, in addition to up and down in order to read the entire articles. Several pages face each other. Let me know what you think.

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