Meet Paul

question mark on silhouetteNow that you’ve met Janelle, I’ll introduce you to Paul, a 27-year-old from Clinton, Iowa. The tall, blue-eyed veteran looks more like an all-American boy than the terrorist he’s accused of being. But, then, the jury is still out on whether he did what he’s accused of doing.

Although Catholic, Paul went to public school, attending Whittier Elementary, Washington Middle and Clinton High School. When he graduated, he went 183 miles up the road to Iowa State where he majored in microbiology. He joined ROTC and when he graduated, he was deployed to Afghanistan. He served for four years as an Army officer and upon returning to the States, studied plant pathology at ISU as a graduate student.

That’s all Janelle knows, so that’s all you can know – at least initially. She’ll learn more about him through his friends, family, neighbors, teachers, those with whom he served and others. However, she doesn’t learn more from the person who can tell her the most – Paul. And he’s not talking.

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