Tis the season

wreathI always feel crafty this time of year. The artistic gene is part of my family’s DNA. My son made a porcelain alligator vessel when he was 10. My daughter is as adept at making photo-like collages as she is at creating jewelry. My sister’s, nephews’ and grandmother’s artwork cover the walls and furniture in our houses, and my great-grandmother designed ladies hats. Me? A four-year-old draws better stick figures than I do.

Nonetheless, like all my family members, I have an urge – no, a need – to create. Being December, I turned my hand to a Christmas wreath. Surely, even I could bend branches into a circle and add a bunch of pine cones.

  • Revelation #1: Branches fight back.
  • Revelation #2: Sap is a highly effective weapon.
  • Revelation #3: Fingers that stick to branches, wire and each other are not effective weapons.

We fought each other for three hours, then I brought in the big guns, shears actually. I cut those branches down to size and filled in the gaps with the trimmings.

I hung the wreath on the front door, and it doesn’t look bad. From the road. If you drive fast.

I think I’ll stick to writing.

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