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It’s not about us

The neat square of sunlight in their front yard was all the sisters needed to enjoy the false spring day. The younger girl sprawled on a blue beach towel, her head bent over the pages of her chapter book, a … Continue reading

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Feeling the heartbeat

Ron Rash told the Charlotte Observer recently that a first draft is like “an ugly glob of clay on a wheel.” It is an apt metaphor. The best writers discard the unnecessary bits. They use imagery, actions and dramatic tension … Continue reading

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Practice makes better

With the insecurities, easily hurt feelings and sense of not belonging, middle school is still the stuff of nightmares. Yet, much as we might want to have avoided those years, middle school experiences are rough drafts for later life. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Dark clouds on my horizon creep in with summer’s heat. Weighing me down, making me sluggish, Like July’s humidity.   Encompassing blackness looms inexorably closer. Dragging my soul, consuming my thoughts, As oppressive as August.   Hatless officers sowed seeds … Continue reading

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Feast of words

I love the sensory sensuality of words. All those anticipatory Ts standing at parade rest in attentive. That D bumping into the G in nudge. Euphoria just dares those outnumbered consonants to hold down its vowels. And there’s something inherently … Continue reading

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In defense of failure

The author of a recent New York Times opinion piece postulated that writers are “the real professionals” when it comes to failure. To support his premise, Stephen Merche ticks off writers such as Fitz-Greene Halleck, widely praised in their own … Continue reading

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On fire

I faced the room of orange jumpsuits. We began where we had left off a week earlier, by composing a landay, the two-line poem of nine and 13 syllables favored by Afghan Pashtuns. Actually, three class members began where we … Continue reading

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A glass of wine and life

“If only people wore labels, their foreheads clearly displaying their appellation, their varietal, their alcohol content, think of the time it would save. We could cut out the small talk, …” So Joseph Mills begins his poem, “Introductions Made Easy” … Continue reading

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