The big question mark

question mark on silhouetteAs I continue my research into what pushes someone over the line to become a terrorist, I’ve learned that there are no easy answers. If there were, the law enforcement community would have a much easier time of it. Rather, that choice is a result of a number of factors psychological and economic, political and/or social.

So what of my protagonist? What will cause him – and it will be a male – to take the leap and embrace violence as the means to right perceived wrongs? His profile has changed from what I originally imagined. He’s better off and better educated. However, all I know about him at this point is that he will be a white, middle-class, intelligent male. I think he will be about 18, although he might be older. I need to do more research to understand him better – where he went to school, what his family life was like, what is eating him. Why he – but not someone else in similar circumstances – becomes an extremist. I need to know more about him. I’ll share what I discover as he slowly comes into focus.

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