A glass of wine and life

wine_cover_8sklIf only people wore labels,
their foreheads clearly displaying
their appellation, their varietal,
their alcohol content,
think of the time it would save.
We could cut out the small talk, …”

So Joseph Mills begins his poem, “Introductions Made Easy” from his 2008 book Angels, Thieves and Winemakers. At a recent Charlotte Writers’ Club meeting, the UNC School of the Arts faculty member was thoroughly entertaining, as he described the process by which he wrote his highly personal poetry. Each of his slim, themed volumes contain both irreverent and poignant reflections on family and living.  In Angels, Thieves and Winemakers, my particular favorite, he speaks from his decades of experience, using wine and winemaking as metaphors for life. If you haven’t read Joe’s poetry, don’t miss it. I kept reading “just one more,” finishing the book in one sitting. I gave it away and will be getting another.

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