Goose Egg

zeroNothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip.

That’s how much further I’ve gotten on my terrorist research. Oh, I did go to the library and take out a couple more books. And I did try to set up an appointment with the FBI (waiting to hear back). But I didn’t learn anymore, and my character hasn’t gotten any clearer. I haven’t tried to find an agent or looked into publishers for my completed novella.

I was going to say that I’d had an unproductive week, but that wouldn’t be true. My daughter was home, and we lingered over dinner and talked about life. A good friend came to town, and we shared thoughts about politics and social justice, oblivious to our cooling coffee. Two friends had birthdays, and we drank wine and ate cake and laughed.

When I told one of those friends that I was having an unproductive week, she looked surprised. “No you’re not,” she admonished. “You’re with me!”

She was right. What’s more valuable in life than being with family and friends.

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2 Responses to Goose Egg

  1. Mbmasimore says:

    Totally agree!

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